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Make your on-line presence less overwhelming.

Marc Harris and the ideas N action team have been simplifying the process of building and maintaining websites since 1998.

  • WordPress | Customization | Training
  • Web | Mobile | UX Design
  • E-commerce | SEO | Social Media
  • Internet Ideation | Consulting
  • Audio/Video Production | Voice Over | Custom Music

The Wide Web World

The internet has evolved into a modular world where everything works together. Plug-ins provide robust functionality, Themes give a Content Management Systems a new look with a few clicks. E-commerce, Marketing Automation, and Social Media sync with your website creating endless possibility.

Still it gets confusing sometimes. Starting in the Web Media business in its infancy, We understand how to help you make sense of it all.

We help you organize your digital assets and create a real strategy to use the best solutions available in this exciting high-tech world.

  • Keith Urban Web Design, Web Master 1999-2002
  • HTML e-mail promotions for DreamWorks Records
  • Produced Kenny Rogers Enhanced CD
  • Produce Video Featured on WindowsMedia.com
  • Website | Fan Club Member Site Pam Tillis.com
  • LeesFamousRecipe.com
  • BudandAlleys.com
  • JenniferHarwellArt.com
  • Junction Solutions
  • Seaside Cottage Rental Agency
  • Lee Roy Parnell
  • Sharp Transport


UX | UI Design

The Internet has always been about captivating users with a friendly interface and improving their experience along the way. Now more than ever you can communicate your message clearly and concisely.


Do you need PayPal or a Merchant account synced with a gateway like Authorize.net? We share our experience with you to help you find the right e-commerce solution and sync your website with your bank.


Say What You Need To Say. SEO is all about focusing on the right Key Phrase. What’s on the webpage? For results, focus on one main topic, stay relative and optimize your copy from the beginning.

Internet Ideation | Consulting

Ideation is more than Brain Storming. An idea is a connection, a new perspective on familiar challenges. Having ideas requires listening, knowing what has worked in the past, and asking "What If."


WordPress has become the standard in Content Management Systems. New Themes and Plug-ins are released daily, giving everyone the tools they need to succeed, with endless possibilities.

Social Media

Develop a social strategy. Social Media requires giving, and getting noticed in the process. Don’t just ask someone to like you or follow you, give them a reason. Find the Social channels that work for you.

Audio/Video Production

With expertise in producing audio and video, We have integrated ground-breaking media for top artists like Keith Urban, Toby Keith, Kenny Rogers, Lee Roy Parnell, and DreamWorks Records.

Voice Over | Custom Music

Set yourself apart. Explain your product or service with professional narration and original music. Tell your story with video, animation, and now HTML 5 background video.

Modernize | Organize | Socialize


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